Yakima Valley Museum

Quilts That Never Made It West
(May 19 through September 15, 1996)

Twenty-four quilts, borrowed from collectors and museums east of the Mississippi.

These rare quilts are historical documents, telling stories and asking questions about their makers, their owners, and the development of the quilter's art.

The opening event will feature "Quilts: A Woman's Legacy," a lecture, slideshow, and quilt analysis by Nancyann Johanson Twelker, award-winning author of Women and Their Quilts: A Washington State Centennial Tribute. Twelker has been a quilting teacher and appraiser for twenty-one years and has curated quilt exhibitions throughout the Northwest. The Opening will be on Sunday, May 19. The lecture will begin at 2 P.M. Admission is free; refreshments will be served. Call the museum at 248-0747 for more information.







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