Yakima Valley Museum

Few and Far Between

Few and Far Between
Moments in the North American Desert

A photoessay by John Martin Campbell, Ph.D.
November 9, 1997 THROUGH JANUARY 10, 1998

John Martin ("Jack") Campbell is a native of Selah, Washington. His exhibition of black and white photographs, originally produced as The Desert and Its People for the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology (University of New Mexico, Albuquerque), is now published by the Museum of New Mexico Press as the book Few and Far Between: Moments in the North American Desert.
Jack Campbell will be at the Annual Meeting on Sunday, November 9 to discuss the exhibit and sign copies of his book.

People, Space, and Time:
Geography of the Yakima Valley

A lecture and slideshow by Morris Uebelacker,
Dept. of Geography, Central Washington University.



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