Yakima Valley Museum

In the Shadow of a Master: The Art of Alfredo Arreguin and Doug Johnson
September 16, 2016 to January 7, 2017
This exhibition features 30 oil paintings by celebrated Seattle artist Alfredo Arreguín and 11 pen and ink drawings by Yakima artist Doug Johnson. Arreguín’s monumental oil paintings are lush and vibrant dreamscapes, filled with color, pattern, and imagery. Johnson’s works are complex visual explorations of Mesoamerican history, social justice, fractal mathematics, and the collision of European and New World cultures. Johnson also uses his own art to analyze and interpret the works of Arreguín, making In the Shadow of a Master a truly unique fine art exhibition.

In the Shadow
Left: Alfredo Arreguín. Pachamama, 2014. Oil on Canvas
Right: Doug Johnson. Eternidad, sombra de Arreguín (Eternity, Shadow of Arreguín), 2014. Pen and Ink


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