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Yakima (Indians of North America)
by Helen H. Schuster, Frank W. Porter 1990
Examines the culture, history, and changing fortunes of the Yakima Indians.
Pow Wow : And Other Yakima Indian Traditions
by Helen Willard 1990 - Roza Run Pub Co
Willard has been writing and photographing the Yakama for about 20 years. She has a section of photos and information about these people at the Yakama Nation Cultural Heritage Center Museum at Toppenish
Powwow : Images Along the Red Road
by Ben Marra, Richard Hill 
Photographer Ben Marra has captured the romance of American Indian life in a series of striking portraits of the men, women, and children who embody the proud spirit and intensity of the multi-tribal celebrations of native song and dance. Spoken or written from the heart, the subjects' sincere words add another dimension to the stunning portraits. 105 full-color photos (Includes photos of Yakama Tribal Members)
Nch'I-Wana, the Big River : Mid-Columbia Indians and Their Land
by Eugene S. Hunn, James Selam  
1991 University of Washington Press


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