Yakima Valley Museum

Day of Remembrance
Sunday, February 18
12:00 - 5:00 PM

The Yakima Valley Museum will be holding its first Day of Remembrance event on Sunday, February 18, 2018. The event commemorates the signing of Executive Order 9066 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt which put over 110,000 Japanese and Japanese Americans into incarceration camps during WWII, and devastated the Yakima Japanese community in 1942.of Remembrance text

A panel discussion will be held at 1:00 PM on this day, moderated by well-known TV personality and journalist, Enrique Cerna of KCTS-9 Public Television. The panel features

  • Patti Hirahara whose Yakima family story has been instrumental in telling this story across the U.S.,
  • Tammy Ayer, Features / Reader Engagement editor of the Yakima Herald Republic, and
  • Ellen Allmendinger, a Yakima historic tour guide.

After the panel, guests are invited to visit the "Land of Joy and Sorrow- Japanese Pioneers of the Yakima Valley” celebrating its 8 year anniversary in 2018" exhibit until closing at 5:00PM.

Admission to the museum and panel discussion is free on this day, but reservations for the panel discussion are highly recommended. To reserve a seat just call the museum at 509-248-0747.



“So many people who grew up here, who have lived here for decades, never learned that Yakima had a thriving Japan Town”. Tammy Ayer

“Researching the multi-layered facets of the residents, businesses and buildings within Yakima’s once thriving Japan Town has been a fascinating journey”. Ellen Allmendinger


“I am very happy to come and participate in this important program and to share what I have learned about my own family history in the Valley before and after WWII." Patti Hirahara
Enrique Cerna is known for producing quality work, exemplified by his deeply personal 2013 documentary "Latinos: The Changing Face of Washington."  It embraced the migration of his parents from Mexico in 1946, with reporting on how immigrants have pursued and realized the American dream—something that resonates with the story of the Japanese immigrants


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