Yakima Valley Museum
Drawing Room Diversions

The Yakima Symphony Orchestra
and the Yakima Valley Museum
are pleased to announce the sixth season of Drawing Room Diversions.

When the series was first established in January 2000, each program was designed to recreate live musical performances that were likely to have once taken place within the walls of a typical Yakima Valley parlor. Over the years, the scope has been expanded to include music that may first have drawn an audience to theaters, other public community venues, or even the relatively modern medium of network television.

Each evening, however, has continued to be based on a single theme, featuring a background historical commentary, and showcasing the talents of the best of regional musicians. The setting has remained informal, with food and drink available in a comfortable cabaret style under the Neon Garden, in the Bill & Suzanne Doyle Great Hall of the museum. The 2005 season will continue these traditions with three all-new programs. So mark your calendars for another year of Drawing Room Diversions.

In response to your comments, all programs will now make use of sound reinforcement, which, in the past, was used only for the jazz and popular song programs.

Now, all commentary will be amplified so that everyone can hear. The supper selections will also be upgraded this year. These improvements, though, have necessitated an increase in the ticket price, which is now $30 per person for supper and show.

Supper, a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, dessert, and coffee will again precede each program. Seating will remain unassigned, and the doors into the center portion of the museum will not open until 6 P.M.—although you may queue up inside the Jewett Entrance Gallery. Also, because overcrowding has become an issue that detracts from the experience, ticket sales limits will be more strictly enforced (in other words, get your tickets early!).

Drawing Room Diversions, 2005
Thursday, January 13, 2005
Musical Liaisons
One of the strangest interludes in music history was the emotional world of Robert Schumann, his virtuoso wife Clara, and Johannes Brahms, Robert’s disciple and Clara’s amour. With pianist John Pickett and his colleagues, we explore the relationships among these giants of musical Romanticism and enjoy the music they left us.

Thursday, February 17, 2005
the Family Parlor
Parlors in America have long been the scenes of family music-making from popular song to string quartet. We will peek into several family traditions that run the gamut of drawing room musical diversions.

Thursday, March 17, 2005
A Jazz Jam Session
It’s jazz jam session in the Neon Garden again! This time featuring trombonist Dr. Isidore Rudnick with his newly formed quintet, the hot and very cool Yakima Jazz Collective.



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