Yakima Valley Museum
Drawing Room Diversions

The Yakima Symphony Orchestra
and the Yakima Valley Museum
are pleased to announce the fifth season of Drawing Room Diversions.

When first established in January 2000, each program was designed to recreate live musical performances that were likely to have once taken place within the walls of a typical Yakima Valley parlor. Over the years, the scope has been expanded to include music that may first have drawn an audience to theaters, other public community venues, or even the relatively modern medium of network television.

Each evening, however, has continued to be based on a single theme, featured a background historical commentary, and showcased the talents of the best of regional musicians. The setting has equally remained informal, with food and drink available in a comfortable cabaret style under the neon lights of the Bill & Suzanne Doyle Center Court of the museum. The 2004 season will continue these traditions with three all-new programs. So mark your calendars for another year of Drawing Room Diversions—once again made possible with the generous support of RBC Dain Rauscher.

Supper, a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, dessert, and coffee will again precede each program. Due the program’s popularity, however, we are instituting two procedures to make the evening more enjoyable for all:

1) Seating will remain unassigned, but the doors into the center portion of the museum will not open until
6 P.M.—although you may queue up inside the Jewett Entrance Gallery.

2) In the past, we have tried to accommodate everyone who wished to attend, but overcrowding has become an issue that detracts from the experience. Thus, this year ticket sales limits will be more strictly enforced (in other words, get your tickets early!).


Thursday, January 29, 2004 - the Voice of Firestone
During the 1950s, opera fans throughout the United States looked forward to the television series Voice of Firestone. Tuning in to this made it possible for people in every home to hear and see the stars of the operatic world—an experience otherwise available only to those living near the country’s great opera halls. Singers Diane Thueson Reich and Vijay Singh, accompanied by Pianist Barbara Pickett, will bring back one of these memorable
evenings when the family gathered in the living room in front of their brand-new RCA Victor television for great operatic music.

Thursday, February 26, 2004 - Heritage: South of the Border
Central and South American rhythms swept the United States from the 1930s to the 1950s. Movies, travel agents, and entertainers extolled the exotic nature of music and adventure waiting “south of the border.” Hollywood,
for example, released popular films in which stars such as Betty Grable and John Payne traveled to Argentina for romance, and Cuba became a vacation destination featuring sun, fun, and perhaps a bit of torrid Latin sin. The evening will feature the tango sounds of the Abraxas String Quartet, mariachi music, and a special appearance by that famous Brazilian Bombshell Carmen Miranda.

Thursday, March 25, 2004 - A Jazz Jam Session
The uniquely American musical form known as jazz has remained a part of the local and national music scene ever since its birth in the 1920s. Clubs, theaters, and dance halls regularly featured these unique sounds. However, jazz is also popular among musicians playing at home just for fun. Joe Brooks & Friends invite you into an evening in their parlor where the group of jazz aficionados gets together to play and trade tunes. Wear something cool—the night will be jazz-hot!

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