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Thursday, January 20, 2000


A Victorian Parlor Evening

The latest in lyric and literature was the common fare for parlor entertainment around the turn of the century. Families and friends gathered to entertain each other with songs, dramatic and comedic readings (often with a musical background), and piano solos from MacDowell's classical compositions to Joplin's ragtime.

Thursday, February 24, 2000

Schubertiad: A Classical Evening

Friends of the Viennese composer Franz Schubert loved to gather to play through the beloved composer's latest songs (he wrote over 600 of them), solos for two and four-hand piano, and chamber music. Whether he was plumbing the depths or blowing pleasant bubbles, Schubert was always the melodic master with fresh tunes for every occasion. Even though Schubert died in 1828, evenings featuring Schubert's music were organized throughout the 19th century. Such evenings were called Schubertiaden; they featured pianists, singers, and chamber musicians on wind and string instruments.

Thursday, March 23 , 2000

Musical Comedy 1920-1950

By the mid-1900s Broadway had transformed Viennese operetta into the now familiar American musical comedy. Living rooms rang with the songs of Jerome Kern, George Gershwin, Richard Rodgers, and many others. This evening will skim the cream of American musical comedy from its golden decades with singers and pianists.

6:30 Doors Open
7:00 Program Begins
Cash Bar & Hors d'Oeuvres


Prior to the advent of television in the American home, many families made use of the evening leisure time by participating in some form of musical entertainment. Aided by the parlor organ, the piano, the phonograph, and commercially printed sheet music and phonograph records, people would gather together to sing and play everything from new classical compositions to popular songs of the day. In addition, there would be recitations and dramatic readings of popular shows or poems.

The Yakima Valley Museum and the Yakima Symphony Orchestra are joining together to present an inaugural series on the history of these live performances of music in the home. Three evening programs will mix social and musical entertainment in the relaxed informal atmosphere of the Museum's Neon Garden with beverages and hors d'oeuvres available. Participants will have an opportunity to meet the musicians, ask questions, and learn more about how people entertained themselves with music in their own homes in the period before sophisticated sound and video systems.

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