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In 2000, Brooke Creswell (then the Helen N. Jewett Musical Director for the Yakima Symphony Orchestra) and John Baule (then and now the Director of the Yakima Valley Museum) embarked on a partnership to create memorable evenings of music and song during the dark and dreary months of a Yakima winter; they named the program "Drawing Room Diversions." The successful series has been offered each year since that time, as a partnership between the Yakima Valley Museum and the Yakima Symphony Orchestra.

This year, I thought it might be fun to tweak the concept a bit by expanding the partnership circle to include three other local musical organizations-- Akin Center Theatre, Yakima Valley Opera Company, and The Seasons Performance Hall. The program, called simply "Diversions," has some new musical friends invovled in planning, but the format will not change. There will remain historical commentary, a buffet dinner, the full-service avaliablilty of beverages, and three relaxing evenings of history and music under the Museum's Neon Garden.

-John Baule

Diversions 2013
January 24, 2013 (Thursday)
Back to Broadway
Enjoy an evening of music from some of the best of the Broadway Composers & Lyricists-- Lerner & Lowe, Rodgers & Hammerstein, Rogers & Hart, and more-- all performed by the talent that rests in the evening's musical partner, Akin Center Theatre. This will be an evening of hummable tunes that will take over your memory once again... and lighten your days just when it seems as if winter will never end.
February 28, 2013 (Thursday)
Operetta is a form of light opera, usually with a silly, frivolous story, and sometimes with parody and satire thrown in along with the musical numbers. It was once all the rage in Europe and America, and countless high schools produced some of the most famous, such as Gilbert & Sullivan's H.M.S. Pinafore and The Mikado. In America, Victor Herbert began writing operettas in 1894; some of his most well-known works include Babes in Toyland and Naughty Marietta. And perhaps The Student Prince and The Desert Song, Both by Sigmond Romberg, will sound familiar. Selections from a variety of operettas will be performed by the singers from this evening's partner, The Yakima Valley Opera Company.
March 28, 2013 (Thursday)
A French Flavor
"A Touch of Cayenne" as Denise Dillenbeck, Mark Goodenberger, Cary Lewis, and Eric Parse-- a quartet that will perform marimba compositions created by Mark while he was in Paris, a variety of French tunes for piano and strings, and humorous songs by Jacque Brel. This will be a French evening, arranged by our evening's musical partner, Brooke Creswell and The Seasons Performance Hall.
Tickets are $30 per show. If using PayPal, you may select "Add to Cart" then select "Continue Shopping" to return and add other tickets.  

6:00 Supper & Drinks
7:00 Musical Program

NOTE: To accommodate the needs of the performers and caterers...
The back door off the parking lot will not serve as an entrance. All must enter through the museum's main entrance and will be admitted into the Neon Garden promptly at 6:00 P.M.

Before that time, you can queue up in the Jewett Entrance Gallery.
However, if you have difficulty using the museum's main entrance, please call the museum in advance for special entrance arrangements.


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