Yakima Valley Museum
First Presbyterian Church of Yakima incorporated.

Miocene ForestArt From Yakima Valley Museum Collections
This speical exhibition features over 100 diverse pieces, most of which have never seen the light of exhibition. March 6-Sept. 12, 2015.

JapaneseLand of Joy and Sorrow: Japanese Pioneers of the Yakima Valley
This exhibition traces the story of the Japanese families who settled in the Yakima Valley. Exhibit ongoing.

Monday - June 29,2015  at 8:30 AM
Summer Camp... with Alexandria the Mammoth & Friends
At this special four-day program, kids will learn some very important outdoor skills searching for Alexandria the Mammoth. For more information click here

Thursday - July 2,2015  at 10:00 AM
Explore Central Washington
Larson Gallery. What is it like to be on a college campus? Tour our very own Larson Gallery located on the YVCC campus, and explore your artistic side while we learn about forms and textures found around the campus! For more information click here


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