Yakima Valley Museum
Making A Mark Beyond The Valley Making A Mark Beyond The Valley

The Yakima Valley Museum is pleased to announce the opening of a new section of the permanent museum exhibits on Yakima's unique identity. It will recognize the past and present Yakimanians who have achieved significant recognition beyond the Yakima Valley for their professional career or personal accomplishments.

Each person chosen has a different story-some were born in the Valley, some were brought here as children, some left at an early age to pursue their dreams, and some settled here and found success and fame-but all have been recognized as exceptional by their peers. Because of this, each has become a part of the Yakima Valley’s history. As future Yakimanians make their mark in the world, each will join this exhibition at the appropriate time. But it is now time to celebrate those who have already reached for the stars and become one themselves.

For more information, call 509.248.0747 or visit yakimavalleymuseum.org.





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