Yakima Valley Museum
Mattoon CabinMaking a Home
The pioneer cabin tells the story of the Mattoon family, whose cabin was built in 1869 and still stands today. The interior of the exhibit includes many artifacts relating to early life in the Yakima Valley.
Making A Mark Beyond The Valley
This exhibit recognizes past and present Yakimanians who have achieved significant recognition beyond the Yakima Valley for their professional career or personal accomplishments.
Sasquatch Revealed

Lock, Stock, & Barrel
Historic Firearms of the
Yakima Valley Museum

Opens September 23, 2017

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JapaneseLand of Joy and Sorrow: Japanese Pioneers of the Yakima Valley
This exhibition traces the story of the Japanese families who settled in the Yakima Valley and made a new life in a new land. It also chronicles the forced relocation of these families to Heart Mountain, Wyoming in 1942, and their re-emergence as a community in the Yakima Valley after World War II.
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