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The Centennial



Man's Centennial

Man's Black Suit
Woman's Black Suit
Centennial Celebration, 1985
Gift of Khay Norris

Both of these garments were made of wool by the donor. The woman's dress is two piece and features a matching reticule hanging at the waist. Donor Khay Norris and her husband Don Norris wore these outfits to the Centennial Ball, which was one of the highlights of the 1985 celebration in Yakima.

By November, 1884, it became known that a new town of North Yakima was to be built four miles northward of Yakima City by the Northern Pacific Railroad. On January 10, 1885, the Northern Pacific tracks reached the new town and a boxcar was placed at the end of Yakima Avenue as a depot.

The "fantastic migration" from Yakima City to North Yakima began as Northern Pacific moved all kinds of buildings to the new town; some by rollers and some by wheels, and even some by railroad. Within a matter of a few months, an almost complete town was a reality.

Now, in 1985, Yakima is observing its Centennial with its greatest ever year-long celebration.

From the past we derive our inspiration and lesons for the future. Let's all celebrate together.

Melvin G. Wagner, Chairman, Yakima Centennial Commission

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