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Bustles to Bikinis Yakima Valley Museum

Diversity & Breadth

Clothes, like all items in a museum collection, can be used to illustrate or explain a variety of topics in the history and culture of the region. Some garments are exhibited to show methods of construction, levels of craftsmanship, or, simply, unusual beauty. Other garments are heirlooms of a special family event, such as a wedding or christening; they help illustrate how people at different times celebrated life's universal milestones. Still others show how changing attitudes in society have affected fashion-the comparison of swimsuits in 1890 and 1990 is a good example. And specific community-wide celebrations or events continue to be advertised or remembered in the production of special clothing-such as T-shirts with unique logos and dresses made to be worn in a parade or at a fair. Bustles To Bikinis displays, in thematic groupings, both clothing accessories and complete outfits. These items represent the breadth and diversity of the Museum's entire costume collection.




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