Yakima Valley Museum
General StoreThis exhibit features a photo of the Ostberg–Johnson Mercantile Store located on the corner of Main Street in Selah sold groceries, fruits, tobacco, smoked meats, tin and graniteware, woodenware, crockery and cutlery.
Ahrens Steam Engine
The Tacoma #4, built in Cincinnatti by the Ahrens Company, is an operating tube boiler fire engine. Pulled by a team of horses, this vehicle utilized a steam engine to pump water. The engine was used by the North Yakima fire department.

Tieton SchoolIndividuals join together in communities to provide for the well being of all and because some individuals have special skills needed by others. Schools, local governments, police and fire protection agencies, and assorted retail businesses are established. Skilled professionals such as doctors, blacksmiths, and pharmacists become residents because they are able to make a living selling their services. Sports fields, community parks, and hotels are among the places where individuals come together to socialize and relax.
Jethro C. "Jeff" Webber was a retired musician, a house painter, and an active rancher; but he was known to the people of the Yakima Valley as "the man with the calliope"

Webber's Teeny Weeny Circus was always part of the Selah Community Days parade and appeared at many other special events throughout the Yakima Valley.


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