Yakima Valley Museum
A collection of 552 valentines, that originally belonging to Ron Gibeau, was donated to the Yakima Valley Museum. Ron loved to show off his collection to anyone who was interested, opening his home to individuals and community groups for the displays he created there. Due to the fragile nature of this collection, the cards on display are changed frequently.

Save America's TreasuresCostume Collection
The Yakima Valley Museum's Costume Collection has been designated an official project of Save America's Treasures. To see some of our costume collection, click here.
Moving the Gannon CollectionThis area showcases items from the extensive and varied collections of the Yakima Valley Museum, offering a space for small exhibits of local significance or from local private collections. Since its founding in 1951, the Museum has amassed a collection of over 40,000 objects. Many of these were donated to the Museum by the individuals who originally collected them. The exhibits in the lower floor collections area draw from both these specialized collections and the general Museum collections to display ever-changing selections of interesting but rarely-seen objects.
Apple Label
The Yakima Valley Museum has one of largest collection of apple box labels anywhere, thanks in part to the generosity of Jim Rose. After years of collecting and research, Mr. Rose had assembled one of the finest collections in the United States, including over 3,000 different labels, many of them extremely rare. In December 2006, inspired by the Yakima Valley Museum's publication of The Ultimate Fruit Box Label Book and accompanying special exhibition, Jim Rose donated his entire collection of fruit box labels to the Museum.


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